Elephant EP



    Elephant EP by Overnoize

    Animals related music is that kind of music made to express our most ancient feelings. I don't wanna be rude but we are animals too!! Tribal sounds has been around for more years than we can imagine but how transpose and express it with electronic music? How to let people feel the same feelings when they're dancing in the clubs? Awsome sicilian duo called Overnoize made it with two headbangin' originals, Elephant and Baboons. The whole release follows the most actual fusion between tribal techno and acid electro sounds. Chords, guitars, flutes, tribal percussions from middle East and India are mixed with saw-osc basslines, 4/4 techno kicks and rising-up leads!! Have you ever heard something similar?? Big Up to all the remixers (from Belgium, Catania, Milan, Modena and Dusseldorf) they made huge arrangements spacing from the dark atmospheres of techno to electro's brighter ones. If you feel it, spread the word to your friends or play it loud!!!

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