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New Guyz on Tha Block vol.1 | Fresh Pump Records


New Guyz on Tha Block vol.1



New Guyz on Tha Block vol.1 by V.A.

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Good Morning to everyone!! Since the world's not ended we thinked how to do it ourselves: we spotted out a lot of new/young artists and asked them to detonate 8 (I SAY EIGHT!!!!) nuclear bombs! Result: something you've never seen in your life, everything blown away by atoms and electrons colliding each others. We have a lot of styles and influences, remembrances and ambients. They come from very different places in Italy (some of them are truly underground ones) and other like Osterrich and France wich made them grow very fast musically-speaking. That's why we wanted to let you enjoy this very beautiful part of electronic music scene. They truly need your support because they really ROCK THA BLOCK!!!So feel free to share this fuckin' cool set to your mates!
It's the Last EP for this years so thank you so much for this amazing 2012, we hope to continue to deliver some of the finest music around, it's always a pleasure!

Fresh Pump Crew

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