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Stereograms - Stereoguns EP | Fresh Pump Records


Stereoguns EP



Stereoguns EP by Stereograms
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ACID ACID ACID!!! It's never enough to push it loud and clear. Here's our 31st release, the first with electronic duo Stereograms, already known on Flat Frog and Noiseporn records headquarters. This is fuckin' italian finest acid electro techno, no strings attached. If you love teebee 303 sound, you won't be disappointed because there are two originals plus two remixes from Smoothies italian duo and (awsome for us..) peruvian duo Hot Shit!. They exposed the classic sound in many diffrents arpeggios and filters to please everyone's taste. Here you can clearly touch influences from other EDM styles such as nu techno, progressive electro, rolling complextro and also trance. A banger EP that you can't miss on your selections. Feel free to share it and give some feedback. Get in touch with us by email or Facebook to receive awsome and crispy promotional packs!!!

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