• 21-2-14 Dirty Therapy @ Rock n Roll

    Dirty Therapy approda al Rock n’ Roll club di Milano!!!
    A sancire questo speciale gemellaggio sara’ il tema della serata…. DIRTY N’ ROLL !!!
    I nostri dj resident si esibiranno back to back fino a lasciarvi senza fiato!!! Vi faranno ballare,volare,saltare,sognare e divertire a colpi di breaks,electro,dubstep e chi piu’ ne ha piu’ ne metta!

  • FP034 - Overnoize - Elephant EP OUT SOON!!!

     The whole release follows the most actual fusion between tribal techno and acid electro sounds. Chords, guitars, flutes, tribal percussions from middle East and India are mixed with saw-osc basslines, 4/4 techno kicks and rising-up leads!! OUT SOON ON BETAPORT!

  • FP030 - The Edge - Bodybags is OUT NOW!

    The Edge is a french duo forged by Dorian Parano and Allen Parker, two parisiennes already known in the italian electro scene as they've already produced with Rome's No Sense of Place Records. Not the only label, huuuge collabs with Vandal and ElectroBugz in their discography. CHECK IT!


    Hi guys, Fresh Pump it's happy to announce our next release, The Outlaws EP comes with 2 tracks, the original mix by our mate UN:CODE and remix by the supa star ACCESS DENIED


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    Woozzzup everybody!!?? Here at Fresh Pump's headquarters it's never too late to pump up the volume!! Thinking 'bout this summer and how much you love dancing in festivals, beach parties and stuff we want to deliver this new awsome EP. They're two humanoids in an italian-french-martian connection that's ready to smash out everything, no strings attached: The Hijack Brothers from Component Productions!!!

    We have 3 bangin' tracks made with absolutely high-skillz in bassline pumping, vocal processing, lead maximization, effect spatialization!The first it's a complextro hymn, heavy basslines follow one by one making you never want to stop jumpin'. The second and the third come with two version, vocal and instrumental. In a electro house style the bass rolls like a Royce!!!Of course our favourite singer Eden made the best cherry-on-the-pie vocals for this track! Show some love: eNjoy and share it guys!

    Put one hit for SET MY WOOP VIDEO made by Andrea Barracu from COMPONENT PRODUCTIONS, he also made the artwork so HUUUGE THANKS MAN!



  2. Yes We Candy EP OUT NOW!!

    Yes We Candy EP OUT NOW!!

    Hi there to our friends and fans!! Let us introduce you our 26th Freshpump release from one of our most inspired and multi genre artists: Candy! He's been working hard on producing since 90s, releasing with such labels as Expressilon, Chapati Express and Jungle Terapy, WTF!!! Kitalo is a mix of saturated guitar-like synths with awesome basslines melted togheter.

    There's also a huuuge surprise: SAM VANDAL is back on Fresh Pump to blow our asses away! Checking his rolling bass on Kitalo's remix is absolutely mandatory! No more presentation is necessary!

    It's not over...there's 2 track more, one original and one remixed! Krak in Dub made it for the occasion shifting the perfect academic electro groove of Summer Night into a really fine dubstep bangin' choone!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!!



    Candy 233


  3. "The outlaws" remix contest.

    "The outlaws" remix contest.

     "The outlaws" remix contest.


    Hi guys, here you can download the stems, give your own twist to the track and have fun, the bests rmx will be released on Fresh pump records alongside Access denied rmx, deadline is 30 of august, upload your rmx in the Outlaws soundcloud group….Peace and have a pumping summer!!!

    Soundcloud group: soundcloud.com/groups/un-code-the-outlaws-remix-contest-fresh-pump-records

    Stems: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6irsj5




  4. The Outlaws EP   UN:CODE

    The Outlaws EP UN:CODE

    Hi guys, Fresh Pump it's happy to announce our next release, The Outlaws EP comes with 2 tracks, the original mix by our mate UN:CODE and remix by the supa star ACCESS DENIED, release date it's  20 of june on Beatport and 2 months later on Juno.

    There's also a remix contest on this release, stems can be downloaded on our website from the 21 of june, the best remixes will be released alongside Access Denied 



  5. João Çesèr "Program/Compare/Write"

    João Çesèr "Program/Compare/Write"

     Second release for our side label O'clock records, by the analog master Joao Ceser, this guy made serious damages with the Snipplers and his side project MONSTER TUNE...seems that nobody can stop Joao in 2012, lot's of  releases coming soon on BIG BIG labels, for sure it's man to watch.

    Early dj support from: Shameboy, Far too loud, Elektropusher, PTN, The pornorockerz, MONSTER TUNE and many more..



  6. Chic massacre STK's

    Chic massacre STK's

    Our next release will be from an italian crew the STK's, they name of the ep is Chic massacre a 3 tracks electro dubstep EP, it will be out in 2 weeks exclusively on Beatport.

    STK's Aka Statik is an Italian joint composed by Dome (System crash) Fase (System crash) and Bulbo (Psyfly project). The crew elements share the passion for New electro, dubstep and drum & bass and anything growling and bassy even coming from very different musical backgrounds: 

    Dome & Fase come from Hardtekno/Hardfloor sound, and Bulbo comes from psytrance. 

    STK's is a project inspired by the evolution of the electronic music.

    Go to Beatport.com Get These Tracks Add This Player


  7. Sashimi Breakfast

    Sashimi Breakfast

    Fresh Pump Records it's proud to welcome in the roster our first hip hop band Sashimi Breakfast,  an italian crew of mc's, dj's, beat makers and beatboxer.

    In 2011, through collaboration with Gold and Switch, opened the Foreign Beggars concert at the Viper theater in Florence, and in 2 different times they share stage with the godfather of italian hip hop scene Kaos One.

    Very attentive to innovations Sashimi Breakfast developed big interest in electronic music, influenced by Electro House, Break Beat and Dubstep, they developed an interesting musical mash up.  

    The year 2012 brings collaborations with digital label Fresh Pump Records and Wobble Records, they will be soon out with their first single and new video featuring the ragga mc Cisco.


    Freestyle Contest :


    - Tecniche Perfette (2010)



    - End of Weak (2012)



    Official Mixtapes :


    - Drega and friends Vol 2 (2011)



    - Come La Rena (2012)



    - Mc D.O.C. (2012)




    Links :











    The first release of our side label Oclock records is ready to be released!!!

    O'clock records is proud to present the first official release Featuring the young ukrainian talent Felix Luker with his "Global Warming", a straight techno track with a powerful Bassline.The EP is completed by remixes from the analog maniacs MONSTERTUNE and João Çesèr, plus a remix from the label owners Pornorockerz.

    The release is supported by :

    Far too loud, Ego troopers, Doc Trashz, Elektropusher, Casino Gold, The Rox, Henzel & Disco Nova, Nickel, Mendoza, you killing me, PTN, Dunjinz, Polydor ,Roevy, Konstrict, 12 inch plastic toys, Mik Izif and many others!

    click here for a preview and for free tracks:


    Follow O'clock on facebook: 

    O'clock on beatport: 

    O'clock on Soundcloud: