• 21-2-14 Dirty Therapy @ Rock n Roll

    Dirty Therapy approda al Rock n’ Roll club di Milano!!!
    A sancire questo speciale gemellaggio sara’ il tema della serata…. DIRTY N’ ROLL !!!
    I nostri dj resident si esibiranno back to back fino a lasciarvi senza fiato!!! Vi faranno ballare,volare,saltare,sognare e divertire a colpi di breaks,electro,dubstep e chi piu’ ne ha piu’ ne metta!

  • FP034 - Overnoize - Elephant EP OUT SOON!!!

     The whole release follows the most actual fusion between tribal techno and acid electro sounds. Chords, guitars, flutes, tribal percussions from middle East and India are mixed with saw-osc basslines, 4/4 techno kicks and rising-up leads!! OUT SOON ON BETAPORT!

  • FP030 - The Edge - Bodybags is OUT NOW!

    The Edge is a french duo forged by Dorian Parano and Allen Parker, two parisiennes already known in the italian electro scene as they've already produced with Rome's No Sense of Place Records. Not the only label, huuuge collabs with Vandal and ElectroBugz in their discography. CHECK IT!


    Hi guys, Fresh Pump it's happy to announce our next release, The Outlaws EP comes with 2 tracks, the original mix by our mate UN:CODE and remix by the supa star ACCESS DENIED


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  1. Sashimi Breakfast - Wobble Rap EP out on Wobble Records

    Sashimi Breakfast - Wobble Rap EP out on Wobble Records

    We're happy to annunce the first Sashimi Breakfast release on our partner Wobble Records

    They're an italian an italian hip & glitch hop crew and they've already released FP028 with us.

    The entire release is focused on easy-listening beats filled with melodic refrains that won't get out of your mind. 

    Wobble is everything you can imagine, everyone wants Wobble!

    Wobble Rap EP is avaiable on Wobble Records from the 17th of June 2013 and is sold on the best digital music stores.

    Check the previews out and stay tuned for next hot summer news!!


  2. FP034 - OVERNOIZE - Elephant EP, out on 25-3

    FP034 - OVERNOIZE - Elephant EP, out on 25-3

    Animals related music is that kind of music made to express our most ancient feelings. I don't wanna be rude but we are animals too!! Tribal sounds has been around for more years than we can imagine but how transpose and express it with electronic music? How to let people feel the same feelings when they're dancing in the clubs? Awsome sicilian duo called Overnoize made it with two headbangin' originals, Elephant and Baboons. The whole release follows the most actual fusion between tribal techno and acid electro sounds. Chords, guitars, flutes, tribal percussions from middle East and India are mixed with saw-osc basslines, 4/4 techno kicks and rising-up leads!! Have you ever heard something similar?? Big Up to all the remixers (from Belgium, Catania, Milan, Modena and Dusseldorf) they made huge arrangements spacing from the dark atmospheres of techno to electro's brighter ones. If you feel it, spread the word to your friends or play it loud!!!


    Fresh Pump Records Crew 

  3. FP033 The Outlaws Remix Contest, out on 18-2!

    FP033 The Outlaws Remix Contest, out on 18-2!

    Finally the prize is ON and out on beatport on 18 February!! Here's the best remixes who won the Outlaws Remix Contest! Push FWD from Rome and Tim Tonik from Hamburg really earned it delivering two excellent views about Un:Code original track. The first one is a really hot track, it never leave you quiet, it's always rising! The second one by Push FWD is more stepped and broke in a perfect electro style. Just for those who weren't aware about the huuge remix made by Access Denied we decided to deliver it another time, never enough!

    Hope you'll enjoy it and, please, support those artists, they need you!!!


    Tim Tonik

    KEEP IN TOUCH, awsome music is coming sooooon!!

  4. New Guyz on Tha Block vol.1 out now!

    New Guyz on Tha Block vol.1 out now!

    Good Morning to everyone!! Since the world's not ended we thinked how to do it ourselves: we spotted out a lot of new/young artists and asked them to detonate 8 (I SAY EIGHT!!!!) nuclear bombs! Result: something you've never seen in your life, everything blown away by atoms and electrons colliding each others. We have a lot of styles and influences, remembrances and ambients. They come from very different places in Italy (some of them are truly underground ones) and other like Osterrich and France wich made them grow very fast musically-speaking. That's why we wanted to let you enjoy this very beautiful part of electronic music scene. They truly need your support because they really ROCK THA BLOCK!!!So feel free to share this fuckin' cool set to your mates!
    It's the Last EP for this years so thank you so much for this amazing 2012, we hope to continue to deliver some of the finest music around, it's always a pleasure!

    Fresh Pump Crew


  5. FP031 Stereograms EP out NOW!

    FP031 Stereograms EP out NOW!

    ACID ACID ACID!!! It's never enough to push it loud and clear. Here's our 31st release, the first with electronic duo Stereograms, already known on Flat Frog and Noiseporn records headquarters. This is fuckin' italian finest acid electro techno, no strings attached. If you love teebee 303 sound, you won't be disappointed because there are two originals plus two remixes from Smoothies italian duo and (awsome for us..) peruvian duo Hot Shit!. They exposed the classic sound in many diffrents arpeggios and filters to please everyone's taste. Here you can clearly touch influences from other EDM styles such as nu techno, progressive electro, rolling complextro and also trance. A banger EP that you can't miss on your selections.

    Feel free to share it and give some feedback.

    Get in touch with us by email or Facebook to receive awsome and crispy promotional packs!!!

    Follow or place a like to those guys, they need your support to kick more asses than they're already doin'!!!

    Buy this On BeatPort!

    Stereograms - https://www.facebook.com/stereogramsofficial

    smoothies - https://www.facebook.com/smoothiesofficial

    Hot Shit! - http://www.facebook.com/HotShitOficcial

    PUMPPP!! - FP Crew



  6. FP029 - It Aliens Remix Contest EP

    FP029 - It Aliens Remix Contest EP

    Thinkin' about the contest we remember how hard was to choose between so many good productions but finally we made it!
    We're really excited to announce the It Aliens remix contest EP, formerly FP029, out on 22nd of October 2012 on beatport.


    "Excited" maybe doesn't fits good to describe what's is going on here: we think that it's one of our best releases ever! There's nothing but 9 (nine!!!) amazing remixes made by contest's winners, plus a new Karasho's rework of the original It Aliens mix.
    You will notice for sure many different styles, astonishing sounds and exotic influences in how those artists composed their remix tune. Techno!!!, Dubstep (the filthy one of course!), and naturally electro, complextro and nu disco styles are respected and made truly fine here. Every taste it's satisfied!!
    It's also a really international, no, worldwide release because we have 4 different countries here: 4 from Italy (of course!!), 1 from UK, 1 from California (Santa Cruz!!), 1 from CANADA and 1 from FRANCE! We just ask you a stupid thing, it's not difficult, it's free: please, show some love, check, place a like, a follow and pass around this links!!!

    Karasho - http://www.karasho.com


    Baba (Italy)

    The BoorKids



    Loud Disco Machine



  7. Sashimi Breakfast - Pesce Crudo EP OUT NOW ON BEATPORT!!!

    Sashimi Breakfast - Pesce Crudo EP OUT NOW ON BEATPORT!!!

    Hi there guys!!! Sorry for the long waiting but we're back from a really hot summer!! In the meantime our new glitchin' hop crew Sashimi Breakfast have prepared this fuckin' huuuge release!! They're italian with and they have an infinite love for sushi, sashimi, fresh fish foods and, of course, heavy electronics beats and rimed flows. Funky basslines and smashin' drums melt together in 2 different glitchin' mixes, instrumental and vocal too...there's moog sounds, also talkbox sounds mixed inna old and nu school style. A really fine product you can't miss in your mixes and live performances!


    CHECK THE OFFICIAL VIDEO OF "Pesce Crudo ft. Chisco"

    Please also check them out and support your local scene as we always do!!




  8. The outlaws rmx contest.

    The outlaws rmx contest.




    The 4th and 5th place will be published as a free download directly on the FRESH PUMP RECORDS website page for increased visibility, so please enable the FREE DOWNLOAD OPTION on the track.


    - 3 WINNERS 


    All the winners of this contest, please send us an e-mail to freshpump@gmail.com with the subject "UN:CODE REMIX CONTEST".


    Here’s what the e-mail should include:

    - full contact details (your contact number, physical address, SoundCloud account)

    - a single zip file containing: your biography/short story about your musical background + a hi-res photo where we can clearly see your face. If you’ve won a label release, please include your winning mastered and unmastered remix (specifications: 24 bit 48 khz with minimum 3 db headroom for mastering). All in one zip please!


    Congrats for your winning, thank you for your time and looking forward to getting your e-mails in. Have no worries, as all personal data will be handled confidentially.


    Great work, guys!





    So here are the chosen remixes followed by the 3 grand winner !!! 


    5th place goes to 1000 dancers


    4th place goes to If it bleeds


    3rd place goes to Sweet light's


    2nd place goes to Push forward


    And… The great winner is TIM TONIK