• Mik Izif

    Producer / Live performer/ DJ

    Addicted to music since childhood, it was in 1993 that the teenage Michael

    a.k.a Mik izif got his first set of decks. whilst heavily into detroit techno and chicago house at first, Mik also had tendencies for Acid House with his hysterical and minimal groove, (Dj Pierre, Jeff Mills, Mad Mike, Underground Resistance, Plastikman, etc...) Later arrived the London wave with its acid techno sound, when Mik discovered the TB303. It's phat sound would seduce him and become his accomplice in the years to come.

    It was in the late of 90s whilst discovering underground and commercial raves with IZIF sound system (will become Sono Pirate) that he started his first live sets. Mik created his own label IZIF Records and produced his first album in 1999 with artists from his crew.

    In 2003 one of Mik's Acid techno tracks appeared on the 12 inch under a independant label from St Etienne/France ''Anarcore production''. Followed by more of 12''s and digital on various independant labels like Physical, Black Pearl Music, I.O.T, Anthefutura, Toolbox, Fantomatik, No Sense Of Place, Oton, Chapati Express, Fresh Pump, Re:Beat, Junky Robot, Hydrophonic, Transelucid and more to come.

    From then on, he played at numerous venues around Europe and as far as Canada.

    These days Mik mostly alternates between Italy and France, playing Raves, clubs and Festies, allowing him to connect with an ever wider audience. His style of mix and live sets are diverse, and Mik knows how to adapt the music to please a crowd.

    Athough he has experimented with an eclectic mix of styles, Mik always remained faithful to the music he began with.

    Today his production include Techno, Minimal, Tribal and Electro style. His Mix Live sets are more heavy Techno, with strong beats and fat synth. The tunes are ours, to savour on the dance-floor.


    1998 - Creation of IZIF Records. Some CD's and K7 ''Do it yourself" and also few oficial Cd's see the day with different artists of this time, well of course all artists of this crew. Today, this small independent label leaves the underground and go on production type of Techno and Minimalist music.

    2007 - He created in partnership with DeeJay KILFA, his italian electro techno & fidget house label "No Sense Of Place".

    2008 - He created the sub-division SONO PIRATE Records (Acid music style), series has limited copies where are produced the artists the crew.

    2010 - He joined MIDWOODER to develop a new division of Minimal Techno: PHYSICAL RECORDS (Vinyls Only )

    2011 - Sub-division creation of PHYSICAL: PHYSICAL RECORDS SERIES / PRS (Digital Only)


    During these years, he will share the prestigious eclectic trays with renowned artists both commercial and underground, such as:

    Leeroy Thornhill, Arnaud Rebotini, Far To Loud, Laurent Ho, The advent, Industrializer, Lunatic Asylum, John Lord Fonda, Manu Le Malin, D'Jamency, Citizen Kain, Tommy DeClerque, Lowkey, Kardinal, Electrobugz, Jeff23, Dj Fresh, Spor, 69DB, Probe 1, Dilemn, The Unik, Dj Isu, Signal Electrique, Crystal Distortion Etc Etc...

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  • un:code

    Producer / Live performer/ DJ

    UN:CODE began his creative path in 1993. After a few years he started his djing experience in various clubs of south Italy.

    He played in various underground festivals across all the Europe, spacing from typical drum'n'bass sonorities and breakbeat ones, to stomp actually on Nu Rave / Indie Dance, Electrofunk, Electroclash, Post Punk and their psychedelics rhythm.

    He took place in the NODE FEST Staff, organizing first three editions of the itinerant festival of electronic and digital arts, in 2008, 2009, 2010.

    Actually he is cooperating in various projects, he has published cool releases with VENTUNO RECORDINGS, NO SENSE OF PLACE RECORDS, FRESH PUMP, one remix of THANK YOU FOR THE DRUM MACHINE on DIRTY DROP, one remix of CAPTAIN MAGIC on BENEFIT RECORDINGS (U.K) and various collaborations and remixes for "made in italy" labels and international ones.

    We remind also his participation at ELECTROWAVE CHALLENGE 2010 selections.

    In lineup with great artists like: General MIDI, The Rogue Element, Dilemn, Maelstrom, Utku S, StereoTotal, The Snipplers, I-Robots, Phil Hartnol, Ellen Allien, Congo Natti, MC Navigator, Altered Beats and many others.

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